Ultra-Height® Hypnosis

PastLifeDoorwayGerald Kein formulated his Ultra-Height® hypnosis in 1993 after years of research and I was fortunate to learn this technique from him whilst in the USA. This method is based on the idea that the physical body can be encouraged to relax to a very, very deep level and the mind then brought up to an extremely high level of awareness.  It is a very freeing, euphoric experience.

In this state, the client is able to achieve self-analysis and to discover themselves the cause of an issue – both mental and physical – and they are then frequently able to correct the issue without assistance.

In Ultra-Height® and as an aid for Accelerated Healing, I often encourage the client to imagine they are attracting healing energy to them and then to place this energy into areas of the body that are out of balance.

I also use parts of this technique for Past Life Regression.



“I have been using Ultra-Height® and healing sessions with Janet for some time now. Ultra-Height has introduced an extra spiritual dimension that I was unaware of and that I find very supportive and comforting.  The healing sessions have brought tangible improvements and stability to a condition that is unpredictable and very variable.  Our sessions with regression and the source of ill health have been enlightening and uncovered events I was previously not aware of”.  Jerry, Company Director