hypnosis-relaxAnxiety covers many issues and I often hear a client tell me that they wish they could stop thinking and behaving in a certain way as they know it’s not helpful.

Hypnotherapy can achieve quick results in how a person thinks and feels.  When a client has “circular thoughts” ie they keep thinking about a situation that happened in the past, I use a technique that can allow an anxious person to find a way out of the unhelpful loop of thoughts and show the subconscious mind that the events that affected them are no longer happening.

Then there are the standard hypnosis techniques to help a client change their old fearful responses to more positive ones.  The most commonly used technique is something called Regression where a client is put into a deep level of hypnosis and asked to imagine the fear to a safe level.  They are then asked to focus on the physical reaction in the body, because:


“Whenever we feel fear or anxiety, a part or parts of our body contracts”.


The client is then asked to hold onto the physical feeling in the body whilst I count back from 5 to 1 and snap my fingers.  They would have previously been told that when I snap my fingers, a memory of when this anxious feeling first entered the body will come into their (conscious) mind.  When this is achieved, we are then able to do some work that will help that younger you feel better about what happened and the fear or anxiety is then released.  In this way, an anxious client can have permanent, positive change to what used to make them fearful.

Sometimes I have found that even though the initial cause of a client’s anxiety has been found and made better, that the fear response persists.  It is as though the body holds the habit of reacting fearfully and it is well known that we store emotions in our bodies.  For this reason, I undertook a Somatic Experiencing course.

Somatic Experiencing is a technique that can gently allow the body to let go of anxiety by imagining first a good memory and experiencing the good feelings in the body; and then imagining a recent situation when the old fearful response occurred and then going back and forth between the two states.  With some other work involved in this technique, a client often feels the anxiety leave the body by eg a tingly, buzzing, heat-change sensation.

Therefore, there are many hypnosis and NLP techniques that can help a person to become more confident, empowered and feel capable of going forward with their lives.


“In practice Janet just uses the usual relaxation techniques but somehow I am hypnotised.  I am constantly aware of everything that Janet says, and I am in complete control of everything I do while I am in that oh so comfortable, comforting trance. We will have discussed the trigger sensation before Janet hypnotises me, and Janet takes me back to my first experience of that sensation… and then …. the feeling has gone… and it doesn’t come back… I can’t work it out!” Jessica, Company Director

“Somatic ex
periencing provided me with the answer to my anxiety.  During the first session I could feel the anxious feelings and pain literally flowing out of my body. After only one session the effects were amazing, I felt so much better.  I learnt that I had been suffering with post-traumatic stress syndrome and shock has been trapped in my body since a car accident I was involved in 30 years earlier. It only took a couple of sessions for the anxiety to disappear completely. Janet taught me how to use the technique myself which at first I used it every couple of weeks or so when the anxious feelings and pain would build up. I am now pain free but still use the technique occasionally.” Debs, Nutritionist